Alethea, goddess of truth. We embody her spirit, unconcealed, true and vivid, in our 8-piece band. Alethea, the fiery energy of a big brass section, violin and vocals backed by a driving rhythm section.

Alethea, a colourful collective made up of ideas, origins, inspirations and intuition.

Our music is unique, a spectrum of styles ranging from funk and jazz to balkan music, composed by vocalist Chiara Raimondi and saxophonist Charlotte Joerges. Our goal - to explore the sonic potential of every instrument and to create extraordinary worlds of sound. So join us as we celebrate life, love and music!

Chiara Raimondi | Vocals, compositions

Aurelia Lampasiak | Violin

Marieke Ziesmann | Trumpet

Charlotte Joerges | Alto saxophone, compositions

Yvonne Schwitalla | Flute, Tenor saxophone

Sonja Beeh | Trombone

Finn Clausen | E-Bass

Bastian Menz | Drums